Three Sheets to the Wind

Captain's Log - Neth 22nd

Morning – Night Watch all clear, no incidents. Sea is choppy, sky smells of rain. Wind is NE about 8 knots. My reign as Captain, while unexpcted, appears to be a successful one. While we stuggled under Elaine, we seem favored since I have taken the deck. 3 ships plundered and salvaged to boot in but a month’s time. We have fought and defeated a ship of the damned and repelled bucanneer’s who thought themselves the hardier of our lot. Surely I thought the path of the goding to be one of a solitary destiny, but perhaps it is my fortune to lead men. I seem well enough suited to the task. The brute, Davor is I think an asset that will remain loyal to me as long as I continue to be fearless and just in our efforts as marauders. The dimwit hs a certain nobility hiding behind those pig eyes of his. There may be no better beast to hav at you back than he when it comes to a fight.

I worry for my brother and his wandering ways. He is ever discontent it seems. As we settle to this new life aboard ships as Officers and men of responsibility, I fear his spirit spirit will ever call him to wander from the path. As our father’s blood courses through us, much as I am the Thunder and the Lightning, he is the Wind and the Rain. He will not easily be kept confined t a life aboard ships. I catch him looking with stormy eyes over the open sea and fear one day he will simply take the shape of an eagle and not return. Such is his way.

I do not know what to do with these priests and shamans. Elaine likewise seems an enigma. A first she stood as Captain, but her quest for a connection with the divine seems to isolate her in some way. Much like Oglaf, they seem isolated by attempting to get in contact with the divine. It seems somehow to make them lost within themselves. It is a path I do not understand. I have offered her my bed and as of so far, she has refused. She is a fine enough looking woman and of a pleasant demeanor, but I worry also of her presence as an unclaimed woman taking the role of an Officer on our ship. To be the Captain’s woman is a position that is clearly off limits to even a crew of cut throats such as ours. While I do not fear much for her safety as she is formidable in her own right, I am concerned about her presence causing unrest amongst the men. It is unfortunate that women so rarely see the practicality in such things, but I suspect her witchery must demand she remain frigid. It may be prudent for me to have her declare her barrenness and kill one of the men in the name of her Goddess when the opportunity arises in order to quell such stirring in the ranks. It is not easy to be a leader of men, but the sea shall churn and the wind blow.


ianmacdonald EldritchWinter

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