Three Sheets to the Wind

Davor Log - Entry 4

What has Davor really been doing

[Written in an elegant flowing script totally at odds with the Orcish words. Most of which appear to be a jumble of meaningless connected phrases. However, a DC 17 Linguistics check can decipher the code and translate the actual message below into Aklo.]

Date: Sarenith, 4711 AR

My friends do not really know me, and I don’t think they are ready to accept a change even as simple as my new grasp of language, let alone what else I have learned. To them, I am Davor Foecrusher, but that is not the name I was born with, though I did not know this until recently.

Since my last log entry I’ve been attending classes in secret. I study the ways of the people of The Shackles, their societies and their secret behaviors, but I started with a study of the creatures who live below. The aberrations, the dark fey and the creatures of the underdark were a topic I took to after the experience rescuing Sandra Quinn on Ghoul Island. It was Sandra, in fact, who gave me my first book. That book lead to others, and before long I learned about private schools available all over the different isles and cities of my home. Strangely, though, it was my study of Linguistics that lead me to learn of my true heritage.

My mother raised me with very little knowledge of my father, except for claims that “the evil” from his blood had given me the monster’s face I grew up with. She always said that if I lead a good life, good as she taught it, I would remain myself and I wouldn’t turn into more of a monster. I wouldn’t turn into more of an orc. But the thing is, it was she, and not my father, who was the orc.

I know this from a study of linguistics. Mom taught me common, so my speech patterns were all from her. But the sentence structure and formatting I learned is all based on orcish.

[Unencrypted and in the Common tongue.] When Davor talk Davor like, stuff make sense more.

[Once again in decoded Aklo.] See, the orcish language uses active forms of most verbs, regardless of actual tense, and objects are—well, the explanation is fairly dry, but suffice to say, the above is a perfect example of orcish sentence structure translated into the common tongue.

Unfortunately, from all this, I only have more questions. If mom was a “human looking” half-orc, what was dad? Even more confusing, if mom taught me everything I know about right and wrong, but she lied doing it, how can I know the difference? Finally, who was my father, and what happened to him?

I need to make my way back to that Sodden Lands brothel. Who knows, maybe the guest book will have some clues? I can’t bring this up with the others yet. Glythar doesn’t care about such things, he believes he’s a god, and who knows, it might be true. Oglaf just doesn’t care about human origins, he’s more of a bird than a man. Elaine, well, she might be sympathetic but, most likely unable to help. She’s probably the right one to talk to first, though.

[The rest of the entry is written in common, without code.]

Davor go to turkey eating and miss fun ship time. Guess G free Captain now. Need swear fealty, so not think Davor threat. No want fight with G or O or E. Davor hear all about big party then get invited to new party with cute Tessa redhead. Cuter than E maybe. G and E stay with her after party. Davor never get fun. Oh well, Davor maybe get fun time at House of Stolen Kisses while on hunt for spy.

Davor log end now with new Davor song, uh, what am word? Song part. Davor like thing be in part. Ha ha.

Davor, put the mash on bad man,
Davor poke whole in him.
Gushy, tasty blood on Davor,
Hunt smash, crunch, lash, fight, bite, bite.


ianmacdonald jithrae

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