Three Sheets to the Wind

Davor Log - Entry 1

Davor starting journal

This property of Davor. You no read unless you Davor or Davor say okay. Okay. This be Davor journal to keep notes for self later. Davor jot notes on back of rope, but rope get used, so some be harder to remember.

Toilsday – Davor not like stinky fish gut soup. Maybe Davor should have taken job in kitchen. Davor think climbing be too hard for others. Davor have friend maybe now.

Moonday – Ow. Davor head hurt. Davor drink too much.

Fireday – Stupid Plug make Davor fight stupid Bear. Not real bear, Owlbear. Not real owlbear neither. Just stupid bear. Davor have black eye, and bloody nose, and bruise on lip now. Davor want strangle stupid Plug with own whip.

Uh. Whoops. Davor not write down when things happen specific enough and lots of time pass now. Davor not remember, but Davor think it fall. Davor try to do better from now on. Davor and friends going on boat with Plug as boss. This not going to go well for Davor and friends.

Wealday, night, half-moon – Davor hear Ellane talk to Sandra that boat not go right way. Maybe Plug betray captain. Elayne say captain bad though and keep remind Davor about push woman into water. Maybe Elaine right. But still Plug not should take boat away from port.

Fireday, morning, uh, no moon – Davor and Gli..Glai..G’thar and Ela..Ella..smudged ink okay, look, stupid long words hard and take too long. Davor have friends named G-L-Y-T-H-A-R, E-L-A-I-N-E and O-G-L-A-F. Davor call them G, E and O, okay? Okay. Davor and friends G, E and O go to island to get water. Davor tell Plug he stupid because Davor see E make water. No not like that stupid, she make magic clean water with magic.

Uh oh. Davor still not write down much. Maybe Davor should find out date. Anyway, Davor and friends free of Plug now! Davor throw fire at Plug while he make stupid speech. Davor hate long talking. Boring. Anyway, Davor fight everybody and win. G helped good too. E made Davor wounds close and O make lots of birds, but then make birds go away before Davor eat any. Davor think maybe O should go back to Ghoul Island and starve for a while so him know value of food better.

Oathday, Rova month – Davor and friends head to squib dock in own ship! Davor have to scare some crew into work hard, but that ok, not like slaves. Davor let them go if get to port. Davor like new friends, nobody want slaves.

Starday, Rova month – Davor and friends in port and get ship squib. E and G recruit crew then be time for explore island. Funny little squib man remind Davor of Uncle Jameson at Davor mom’s. Well, cane a lot similar anyway, except no hitting with cane. New ship going to have secret hidey hole! Davor so happy, Davor love new friends!

Moonday, Rova month maybe – Davor and friends get back from tracking down snake person lair. Davor never tell nobody, but Davor think swim-fighting too hard. Maybe Davor learn how to hold breath more. Oh no, big bugs!

Uh. Davor forget to write down year. Davor think year is 4711 AR. Uh, busy coouple days. Big stinging bugs attack port town. Davor and G save daughter but Davor have to hold guts inside after chopped open by bugs. Davor on ship again. Ship called Rolling Thunder. Davor more logs later.


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